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Useful Information

Useful Information

The wooden containers are easy to load and unload and transport, some of our vehicles have been covered to take the containers full, and so they can be loaded and unloaded outside your property. The metal containers are larger and more secure.

The wooden containers are approximately 250 cubic feet. They are eight feet high, five feet wide, and seven feet deep. The metal containers are 20ft long and have over 1000 cubic feet of capacity. Please see the pictures to get a guide of what you can fit into each container.

We will need 4 working days to book the containers; however, delivery does depend on availability, so please allow as much time as possible.

Yes you can, but we will need 4 working days notice beforehand, so that we can retrieve your container or containers and get them ready for your inspection and put your container back in the warehouse after the inspection has been completed. We charge £15+vat per container for this service, plus the hourly rate for any crew that you require. The storage is not generally set up for self-access, which is why the weekly rates are much lower than self-access companies are.

Payment is taken at least 1 month in advance and can be made by cheque, credit card, and debit card or ideally by standing order. If you come out of storage before the month end we will credit you the difference for the days you have already paid.

No. We need to avoid storing potentially hazardous goods such as acids and any highly flammable products. Any organic material, such as food is also not allowed.

Yes. Our standard liability, for which you do not have to pay any additional charge is £40 per item as defined by an inventory list. If your possessions are worth more, we recommend you take out additional insurance to cover the full value of the contents. This is normally done by you declaring the value to the nearest £1000. We will charge you £1 for each £1000 in value per week and this includes 10% insurance tax. So if you declared £10,000 in value we will charge you £10 per week for our all risk insurance.

Yes we can, by prior arrangement. There will be a charge for this