Top Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Successful

An office relocation can be a stressful but exciting move for any business and one that you must plan down to the last fax machine and telephone wire. The success of your relocation is down to how much you plan and like anything proper planning will reduce disruptions and financial loss.

Here’s how to ensure a hassle free office relocation project:

Plan early

Get your ideas together, there is a lot of work to do when it comes to relocating so the earlier you plan the easier it will be. Set some dates and make a checklist to tick off. What can go first? How much space does your new office need? Simple checks and lists will keep you and your employees organised.

Don’t do it alone

Moving offices is going to be stressful enough without you and your team trying to pack up and carry out your office duties as well; it would be a disaster if you misplaced an important document or file, so why not hire some help to assist you with the removal?  Hiring a commercial removals company will ensure the move is done quickly and efficiently.  If you want to pack your own items, maybe you’ve got confidential files or documents then why not use one of our packing kits, this will ensure you have all the packing material you need.


You will need storage space to keep your stuff in, it will be impossible to move everything yourself in one go so why not hire some storage space to keep your items safe until the move.

Upgrade: This may be the time to upgrade your new office; a new office equals a fresh start. If your previous office was a bit bland and dreary brighten this one up and make it a happy working environment for your employee’s to make it a positive move. Remember to get things like phone lines and internet connection sorted just before the move, with disruptions in the workplace because of the move you don’t want to delay any further work by not having the internet.

Here at IRIS Removals and Storage in Oxfordshire we offer the relocation services to meet your business needs and are part of the National Guild of Removers and Storers so your office relocation is safe in our hands.  We guarantee all storage items will be kept secure with our 24/7 CCTV and controlled gate access which ensures that no unauthorised persons can access your storage.

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