Top 10 packing tips you must know when moving house

Moving house can be quite a daunting task if you have no way of easing it. However, there are specific ideas that can come in handy in such instances. The following list describes the top 10 tips that you need to be aware of when you want to do your packing as you leave for another house. They considerably make your move much easier & a lot more enjoyable.

1. Use a professional
This is undoubtedly the very first and most important tip. Though most people will argue that hiring a removals company is a costly affair, this is the best option you may have. They’ve got insurance to take care of any eventualities. On the other hand, if you use your buddies and family and an expensive gadget gets broken in the process, there won’t be any coverage. Here at IRIS Removals we definitely make packing much easier.

2. Create an inventory
To ensure you don’t lose anything, it is good practice to keep an inventory of all your stuff. You may find this quite laborious but the benefits are definitely worth it. However, we would also create an inventory for you. So, if you hire us the problem of creating the inventory yourself is eliminated.

3. Have the cupboard doors and kitchen drawers open
The doors to your cabinets and cupboards could be left open on the few days prior to the day you’ll be moving. This is important because you are able to see the things inside it before they are moved until the moment they all have been moved. This should enable you to take note of anything that may be left.

4. Make use of high-quality packing materials
Quality boxes can be extremely helpful when moving house. They help in packaging specific belongings appropriately and safely. It is also necessary to have the right materials for packing such as marker pens, zip tie bags, labels, bubble wraps and packing tape. We actually supply the highest quality boxes you could find so this eliminates this issue.

5. Take photographs
Things like electronics connections will be dismantled and then reconnected when you get to the new house. Taking photos of such gadgets can save you a lot of trouble.

6. Have a moving house survival box
A clear plastic tub can be of utmost importance when packing your belongings. Inside the box, you should have a plethora of things which may include cutlery, a box cutter, paper towels, a kettle, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, and bean bags. A toilet paper should also be available.

7. Use proper labelling
Every box should be labelled with the things contained inside each of them. In this way, you’ll know items came from which room and are to be taken to which other.

8. Start the process early
Packing can take you a lot of time. This is why it is wise to start packing early, even before the day of moving reaches. The best thing to do is to start with the items that are rarely used in the house.

9. Place the things you want to set separately
The house doesn’t miss items that are no longer useful to you. You get sell them get some money from them.

10. Keep the things together
Things that work together need to be packed together so that you don’t go through searching for them from the whole luggage when you get to the new house.

These are the top 10 tips you need to know when you are moving house. They simplify your work and make an otherwise overwhelming task to be quite organized and easy. As you can see, if you were to contact us at IRIS Removals we will take most of the hassle out of the equation for you so why not give us a call today.