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Top Tips to a Stress Free Move with Your Kids


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How to Cause Little Disruption during Your Office Move

At some point, a business is likely to face the daunting and exciting task of relocation. It may be because of expansion, contraction, lease expiry, or just because of the need to change business environment. Whatever the reason, the decision to move office always demands careful consideration. The following smart tips are meant to guide you on how to move your office successfully: Continue reading “How to Cause Little Disruption during Your Office Move”

Common Moving Mistakes

When planning your move, we here at IRIS Removals understand it can be one of the most stressful times. So every tip you can get to help reduce that pressure and any anxieties that you have, can prove invaluable. With a huge range of experience in the removals and storage we know what to do when moving but also what not to do. Many people fall into the same traps and experience the same problems when moving so we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes to make. Continue reading “Common Moving Mistakes”

Packing Tips for Your Move

Moving house is a stressful time and making sure your belongings reach your new home in tact, without you leaving anything behind is a big worry. However we at IRIS Removals know every trick in the book for a successful move and how to pack effectively. After that you can leave it up to us to deliver your possessions to your new abode safely so you can get on with enjoying the new chapter of your life. Here are a few tips we have compiled to help get you through the final part of your house move with as little hassle as possible: Continue reading “Packing Tips for Your Move”

Stop feeling Stressed and Squashed with Storage Solutions

Renting a storage space could be the solution to a plethora of your problems; from moving day stress to business’ merchandise surplus a storage unit can provide you with peace of mind that your property is safe and looked after when you’re not around.

When Can Storage Help You?

Whether you and your family need extra space to store your furniture or if you’re a business owner looking to expand, a storage unit can offer you the space and security you need for as long as you need it.

Moving House

When trying to sell your home you want it to look as appealing as possible to any potential buyer; a lick of paint here and a polish there are great ways to spruce up a room but sometimes it’s not enough. If your house has become cluttered over the years a storage unit can offer you a little extra space to place some possessions you don’t want on show, it can make your home look brighter, clearer and more desirable.

When moving day arrives the question arises of what to do if dates don’t add up! Finding a place for you to go is one thing but trying to find space for your bed, sofa and wardrobe for a few days is a little trickier. Renting storage space help you rest easy knowing your furniture is taken care of when you’re stuck in moving limbo.

Business Space

If your work from home business starts to take off or your small business isn’t so small anymore, your spare bedroom or back room might no longer be big enough to house your merchandise, in the long term a change of premises might be in order but renting s storage unit can be a quick and affordable solution, giving you time to make those big moving decisions.

At IRIS Removals we can help you with all of your moving and removal needs as well as offering you affordable storage space that is fully protected by security fencing, state of the art CCTV and access control gates so you know, whatever you’re storing, it’s safe in our hands. For more information on any of our services call us now on 01865 770 227 or get in touch online and we’ll find the best way to help you.

Take the Strain Out Of Your Move

Packing up your home and moving to a new property takes a great deal of organisation, time and physical strength. If you’ve got a lot of heavy boxes, fragile items and valuables to move, then appointing a professional removal company is a very worthwhile investment. But it is critical you find the right company for you and here’s how; Continue reading “Take the Strain Out Of Your Move”


To complement the move process, we are pleased to offer you protection for your goods in transit. Our Transit Cover policy is administered by us in conjunction with Reason Global, providing specialist insurance for the removals industry. It is designed to be as simple as possible, and to give you complete peace of mind throughout the removals process.

Removals Checklist for a Stress Free Move

There’s no denying it, moving house is a big event.  There’s a lot to do and it can very quickly start to feel overwhelming.  The best way to cope with an imminent move is to break down the jobs that need doing into smaller chunks.  That way, they can be easily managed and you can avoid becoming overly stressed.

Moving House Checklist

Stress-proof your house move by following our simple checklist.  Start early – remember the sooner you start preparing, the less painful it will be in the end.  Leaving everything late guarantees a torrid move.

•    Gather your belongings into organised boxes, using colour codes to indicate which room
the contents are from.

•    Make sure you have the correct level of insurance to cover your house move and
your belongings.

•    Get in contact with us to arrange a date for your big move and ask any questions.  This will also give you a deadline to organise yourself around.

•    Make special arrangements for bulky items such as pianos or valuables you want moving.

•    If you plan to take time off work, book it early enough in advance.

•    Cancel your bills and set up accounts for the new property.  Notify banks, doctors and anyone else you plan to stay in contact with of your new address.

•    Buy plenty of bubble wrap and use it to keep items safe as they journey to their new home.

By following this checklist, and tackling the jobs one at a time, you’ll be able to take as much stress out of your house sale as possible.

Moving House with IRIS Removals

The removal company you choose is incredibly important.  At IRIS Removals, we take the utmost care and tailor our services to perfectly match your needs.  We facilitate the smoothest removals Oxford can offer.  To arrange your move or speak to someone about a potential move, call us on 01865 770 227.

Top Tips to Make Your Office Relocation Successful

An office relocation can be a stressful but exciting move for any business and one that you must plan down to the last fax machine and telephone wire. The success of your relocation is down to how much you plan and like anything proper planning will reduce disruptions and financial loss.

Here’s how to ensure a hassle free office relocation project:

Plan early

Get your ideas together, there is a lot of work to do when it comes to relocating so the earlier you plan the easier it will be. Set some dates and make a checklist to tick off. What can go first? How much space does your new office need? Simple checks and lists will keep you and your employees organised.

Don’t do it alone

Moving offices is going to be stressful enough without you and your team trying to pack up and carry out your office duties as well; it would be a disaster if you misplaced an important document or file, so why not hire some help to assist you with the removal?  Hiring a commercial removals company will ensure the move is done quickly and efficiently.  If you want to pack your own items, maybe you’ve got confidential files or documents then why not use one of our packing kits, this will ensure you have all the packing material you need.


You will need storage space to keep your stuff in, it will be impossible to move everything yourself in one go so why not hire some storage space to keep your items safe until the move.

Upgrade: This may be the time to upgrade your new office; a new office equals a fresh start. If your previous office was a bit bland and dreary brighten this one up and make it a happy working environment for your employee’s to make it a positive move. Remember to get things like phone lines and internet connection sorted just before the move, with disruptions in the workplace because of the move you don’t want to delay any further work by not having the internet.

Here at IRIS Removals and Storage in Oxfordshire we offer the relocation services to meet your business needs and are part of the National Guild of Removers and Storers so your office relocation is safe in our hands.  We guarantee all storage items will be kept secure with our 24/7 CCTV and controlled gate access which ensures that no unauthorised persons can access your storage.

For more information on our removal and storage services why not give us a call on 01865 770 227 or fill out one of our quick and easy online contact forms here.