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Call Us : 01865 770227 Or : 01865 584584

Crate & Containerised Storage

Commercial sized metal storage crate for storing belongings following removal, before moving into house

Crate & Containerised Storage

containerised self-storage for interim solution between removals - containers within removals storage warehouse This is the most cost effective type of storage. Usually at least half the price of self or accessible storage units. Cost effective because it utilises our warehouse space more effectively and because access by you is limited, it significantly reduces our labour costs in terms of loading and unloading your possessions during removal and also staffing levels at our warehouses.

The good news is that both types of storage remain very secure and safe methods for storing your valued possessions. We offer two types of container storage, the industry standard 250 cubic ft. crate system and 20 ft. metal containers, which hold 1100, cut ft. of your possessions. We will collect your items for storage and then re-deliver, please contact us for a quote. No need to hire vans or do any heavy lifting.