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The Big Bike Ride was a big success!

The Big Bike Ride was a big success!

This month, IRIS Removals were proud to support the Islip Big Bike Ride – and what a day it was! With over 200 riders raising over £10,000 for the Islip village church and school, our Big Bike Ride cyclists rode from the heart of London at Westminster Abbey all the way to Islip.

There were lots of smiles and happy, hard-working faces – our team included! – alongside the event volunteers, who all did an incredible job of running the sportive,  and the riders had a great time by the looks of things too!

Below we’ve got some lovely comments and feedback from both riders and the main organisers involved:

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the helpers today. I’ve honestly never been to a cycling event was so friendly and well organised with so many helpers out on the road and at the feed stops and at the end.  Felt like you had the whole population of Islip out helping! 

  • Patrick Taylor, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


Islip BIg Bike Ride bikers outside church


Huge thanks Sophie for yours and the efforts of all the organisers and marshals yesterday, it was great fun and hopefully a success!

  • Nigel Turner, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


I just wanted to say what a brilliantly organised event the Big Bike Ride was!  Marshals in just the right places, and helpful arrows everywhere, – it was amazing.  It must have been a lot of work for quite a few people, and I’d like to really like to thank them somehow! 

It’s the first long ride I’ve done, and at 68 I was a bit nervous – of getting lost, of not making it, etc – but the marshals’ smiling faces and waves of encouragement made all the difference.  A brilliant day out!

  • Vivienne Pearson, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


ISIS Removals Van by Islip Church


Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and all the organisers.

It was a fantastic day, lovely route, everything worked really well and you even sorted the sun at the end!

  • Gary Frank, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


This is just a quick note to say a huge thank you to you all for a fantastic event yesterday. You even managed to get the weather to play ball later in the day.

The whole thing was superbly organised, ad the sign-posting and marshalling excellent. And rarely have sausage sandwiches been so keenly desired. I’d be grateful if you could also pass on thanks to the marshals. Apart from the fact that their directions were extremely helpful, they also cheered us on, which was most uplifting. 

  • Peter Davis, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


 ISIS Removals Vans loading bikes for Islip big bike ride


Today’s event was excellent and thanks for that – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really appreciated the organisation which had evidently gone into it and seeing marshalls at every significant turn.

  • David Patrick, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


The volunteers did a wonderful job of marshalling riders along the route and the numerous refreshment stops made for very welcome breaks.

  • Philip Robertson, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


Well done and huge thanks for all the organisation and team work that went on for yesterday’s event. I know what a massive logistical nightmare it can be trying to organise something like that and I can assure you that from my perspective it went off without a hitch. Everyone was in the right place at the right time and it all ran extremely smoothly, which is more than can be said for my rattling old bike!

I had a great time, thanks very much.

  • Martin Pearce, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


ISIS Removals loading bikes for Islip big bike ride


A lovely day! Better organisation than some of the big events
companies, friendly faces all along the route and a welcoming
finish… a very impressive advert for the village and the community.
Thanks to everyone involved!

  • Ben Thomas, Big Bike Ride Cyclist


I think the day was a fantastic example of what a community, supported by local businesses, can achieve. We are immensely grateful to IRIS for transporting all the precious bikes to London. It all went so smoothly and it was a huge weight from our shoulders to know that this part if the day was being so well taken care of.

  • Fiona, Big Bike Ride Organiser



It was a really enjoyable event which generated lots of funds for many good causes but, as importantly lots of goodwill within the community with so many from the village being involved.  We really appreciated the helpfulness and care of the IRIS Removals team and, for my part, particularly on the morning of the ride – their care of the bikes freed up some of our volunteers to help smooth out and speed up the registration process – many thanks to them.

  • Lucy Thirtle, Reverend & Associate Priest of the Ray Valley Benefice (Islip, Noke & Woodeaton)


ISIS Removals team by removals and storage vans


Excellent, first class work over the weekend. Massive thank you to you and your team. I was really impressed, and so were all the riders who trusted you with their bikes. It all worked a dream, both in Islip, and at Westminster.

Now I know exactly who to call next time I need to move 100 bikes overnight 😊

  • Dan Levy, Big Bike Ride Organiser


Johanna Stephenson, the co-founder of The Big Bike Ride also thanked us for our help on the day and gave a little bit more context to the ride:


‘The reason for the route, is that we decided to re-trace the steps of Edward the Confessor, who was born in Islip in 1005 and built the original Westminster Abbey – and then gave Islip to the Abbey, so we’ve always had a strong connection. The Abbey have been wonderfully supportive of the ride, and each year one of the Canons stands in front of the riders to give them a blessing before they set off.’


We hope to be able to help again next year, and we wish all the cyclists the very best in their next rides! Congratulations to everyone involved for the incredible amount raised for the Islip church and school!

If you have any bikes (or more likely, home furniture) that you would like us to move, please visit our removals page for moe information, or get in touch with us today!

Offering Transport: The Islip Big Bike Ride!

We are proud to announce that IRIS will be assisting with the Islip Big Bike Ride – ride for a charity close to your heart, a community project or any other worthy cause!


On the 7th May, IRIS Removals will be providing transportation for riders and their bikes from Islip to Westminster, available when you book your place on the ride!

There are a variety of routes and rides available to cater for every need and cycling ability, from a free route for kids to a 70-mile monster. Below are the four routes available:


Bike Route Name Distance Price
The Big Bike Ride 70 miles £38.00
The Clubman 65 miles £38.00
The ‘Nearly There’ 15 miles £25.00
Tykes & Trikes Around Islip village FREE



For the Tykes and Trikes Ride, the ride will start at Islip Village Hall at 12 noon. Whilst fancy dress is also not compulsory, there will be a prize at the end for the best dressed rider – and best dressed bike!


We spoke with organiser Johanna Stephenson, who explained more about the event and where it originated:


“The first Westminster to Islip Big Bike Ride was in 2011, and the idea developed from a £240,000 restoration and development fundraising project for Islip church – renovation of stonework, installing heating, WC, kitchen & a glass screen by ecclesiastical glass artist and sculptor Nicholas Mynheer. We had worked hard over 18 months to raise the first £220,000-odd, so the idea of the Big Bike Ride was to get us as close as possible to achieving our goal.


My husband is a very keen cyclist and has been taking part in long rides, etapes, and so on for a number of years, so this seemed the perfect solution for us. We reckoned that over such a long distance (70 miles), a group of 100 cyclists raising sponsorship would give our fund a tremendous boost. The Friends of Dr South’s School were similarly looking to raise funds, so we agreed to organise the ride together and split the profit 50/50. In the end, we raised over £6,000 each for School and Church, which was a tremendous result!


In 2013 the church fundraising was for repair and upkeep of the fabric of the building; again we joined forces with the Friends of Dr South’s School. This time we invited riders to raise sponsorship for their own charities, so we had groups riding for all sorts of good causes – Leukaemia Research, a community hall, a playbus, etc. This time we made almost £5,000 each for School and Church, and several thousand pounds was raised for other good causes.”


Since the event began, the Big Bike Ride has had around 250 people involved year on year, and we hope to help them gain even more traction.


This year they’re offering more options for more experienced riders to help get even more cyclists involved, so this year, for the first time ever, there will be a peloton route for faster riders. His peloton route (the ‘Routemaster’) will be partially unmarked across the Buckinghamshire countryside – but starting and ending with the rest. Otherwise the routes are marked and marshalled, with regular refreshment and first-aid stops, mobile mechanical support and food and physio at the finish!

For more information on the transport we will be providing, you can visit the Islip Big Bike Ride website where you can also download a Bike & Rider Transport Guide for more information.


However, the main information to note is that, if you book transport for yourself or your bike, bikes are due to be dropped off in Islip on the afternoon of Saturday 6th May 2017. Our riders’ coach will leave Islip at 6:45 am on the day of the ride – we look forward to seeing you there!

Moving house & arranging packing equipment

Effective packing is the first step towards effortless moving. To do this, you need to plan your packing in such a way that loading and unloading procedures are simple. For this you need a worksheet in which you can list out the things to pack, and any packing materials and packing tapes you may need to use. Make three columns in your worksheet with the three headings. A sample worksheet could look like the one shown here.

Things to Pack Packing Material to use Dimension of box

(Width X Length X Height)

Packing Tapes /adhesives to use
Clothes cardboard boxes or bin bags Acrylic tape with dispenser 2” X 100YD
Refrigerator Bubble wrap, soft cloths, newspaper Depends on the dimension of the refrigerator Acrylic tape with dispenser 2” X 100YD

Table: – Sample checklist for packing materials and tapes

Packing Materials

The types of packing materials depend on the size and type of things to pack. The following example could give you a brief idea of what you might need to do to prepare to pack and move certain items.

Refrigerator: Defrost the refrigerator 24 hours before packing. Empty the content completely. Pack the shelves separately in another carton box. Pack the refrigerator in bubble sheet with 1.5” acrylic tape. Then use a soft cloth of its size to wrap it. Seal with acrylic tape again. Place the refrigerator in a carton box which fits it, if possible. Use acrylic tape to seal.

Kitchenware: Categorize them based on type and size. For example you could separately pack the containers, plates, cups & mugs (You have to subcategorize into glass, porcelain and plastic etc), other kitchenware etc. You could use standard size packing cartons of (200mm X 400mm X 500mm) for packing them.  Electrical devices need to be packed individually. Use bubble wrap of appropriate size to cover the inner surface of the carton boxes. This protects them from knocks and bumps to a considerable extent. Use an extra layer of soft clothing or newspaper for packing fragile materials.

Wardrobes and other large items: – You can use wooden carton boxes for packing them. Measure the size of furniture and check for the availability of ready-made boxes of that size. Otherwise you can make one yourself.  You can use 30” pieces of pine tongue along with the groove boards. Select screws, finishing nails and aluminium packing tapes. Use a tape to measure the dimension of the furniture. For example the wardrobe may measure 1m high X 0.5m wide X 0.8m long. You have to make the box of dimension 1.2m high X 0.7m wide X 1.02m long to accommodate the furniture. The extra space is for filling material like newspaper or air cushions.

Material Procurement

Purchase and stock all the required materials in advance according to the sample checklist for packing materials and tapes. Cardboard boxes can often be acquired easily from recycling centres.

Art and artifact packing

Use bubble wrap for packing glass frames, paintings and other artwork such as sculptures. Use masking tapes to make an X mark on the glass frames before packing them to reinforce them. Hard cardboard or wooden carton boxes can be used for final packing. Air cushions can act as extra protective layer for fragile objects.


5 Ways to trust in Your Removals Company – Removals Oxford – IRIS

The beginning of the year and early May are popular moving periods. For most people, choosing a moving company would seem as easy as going to Google to type “Removals”.

No doubt, you’ll be presented with a myriad of options, and some in your immediate area. But are you going to allow just anybody lift that sacred couch that holds so many memories? Or hand over your prized gold-plated awards to some stranger?

Maybe not, especially when you don’t know exactly who you are dealing with. Did you know people tend to lose more items when they are moving homes? This is why it is important to choose the right removal company.

Say, you’ve just got a new home courtesy of The House Shop, and you can’t wait to move, here are some useful pointers for a reliable removals company.

trust your removals company lorry packed for house move

Read more…

5 things you need to do before moving home

Relocating can be a stressful time. On top of having to pack everything from your home and move it somewhere else, you need to say goodbye to the memories you have created and prepare to start a new chapter of your life. To offer assistance, we’ve rounded up five essential checks you need to make before you move house. 

Update your address

The most important thing to do before you move to your new home is to update your address. There are a plethora of companies that you need to contact in order to update your information, but it’s essential if you want to avoid unwanted bills or late fines.

Inland Revenue, utility companies and your bank are three key targets that need to be made aware of your new address.

To retain your ability to vote, you’ll need to register with the local council of your new home, especially if you’re moving far away.

Check those meters

A very important thing to take note of is your final readings. The closer to the move out date, the better, as you’ll want an accurate reading that you can relay to utility companies.

Gas and electricity companies need to be informed of your address change, and the services they provided for your old home do not carry over to your new house. When you move into a new home, you inherit the old supply of the previous tenants, which you can choose to change at a later date.

This means they need to create a final bill for you, and without proper up-to-date gas and electricity readings, they will be forced to send an inaccurately estimated bill, which could mean that you are overcharged.

De-register with doctors, dentists

If you’re moving far away, then you’re likely to need to register at brand new doctors, dentists and opticians, so de-register at your current providers or ask them to transfer your files and records to your new address.

This is important because you’ll need to register with new practitioners at your new address, and de-registering well ahead of time will save you a lot of time that can be better spent organising your utilities and registering with your new local council.

TV License

If you have a TV license, it is important to understand that the license that was originally purchased for the year will not follow you to your new home automatically.

You will be expected to inform TV Licensing that you’re moving to a different address up to three months before your actual move, and you will also need to let them know if the property you’re moving into is going to be vacant momentarily.

Car servicing

For those long-haul moves that require removal vans and a long drive, you won’t want to find yourself stranded at a petrol station, miles away from both your old and new home.

Make sure your car is full of fuel and has had a proper servicing before you embark upon your trip to ensure that there are no problems on your way to your new home.

Moving is much more than packing bags, but without informing the companies you owe money to, you could set a wild goose chase in motion. Update your address and cut all the connections you have to your old home well in advance to make moving a stress-free experience, and don’t hesitate to rely on the experts at IRIS Removal to lend a hand.

Brexit & You: Will UK house prices change

Following June’s EU referendum, the decision was made to leave the European Union. Millions of people turned out to vote on whether we should remain or stay in the EU. ‘Brexit’ (short for British exit) is confirmed, and now the dust from this decision has cleared, things still aren’t much clearer. There still hasn’t been a date announced for Great Britain’s departure, or how exactly this will affect relationships with other European countries, and policies themselves, but many financial experts have given their opinion on such matters.

Housing and you

Before the referendum, there was a lot of speculation being thrown around about how leaving would affect the UK’s economy, and specifically the housing market. Some said house prices would fall, some said they would remain the same, and some said that prices would in fact rise. Now we know that the decision has been made to leave, there are still a lot of conflicting opinions.

Will they drop?

The British Treasury has predicted that house prices may fall by up to 18% over the next two years, thanks to the ‘economic shock’ increasing the cost of mortgages. Furthermore, some property experts believe that there may be a freeze in new building, and a lot of potential sellers will stay put.

A lot of this worry and uncertainty stems from the ambiguous status of Great Britain. We know now that we will be leaving the UK, but when, and how? Theresa May will not trigger Article 50 until next year, which will start up to two years of EU exit talks. Jonathan Hopper, managing director of the buying agents Garrington Property Finders, claims that ‘the prolonged period of uncertainty will prove more toxic’ than leaving the EU itself.

Rising up?

However, is this just fear mongering? Andrea Leadsom, a Eurosceptic minister, dismissed the Treasury’s prediction of an 18% drop as an ‘extraordinary claim’, made by Remain supporters. Property website Rightmove also says that house prices are behaving normally for this time of year, casting more doubt on whether the Brexit decision has drastically affected housing prices.

Only time will tell

It has only been around two months since the vote was actually cast for Brexit, which is not long at all in the grand scheme of things. It’s entirely reasonable for people to be somewhat nervous about moving house in the current, tentative climate, but it is impossible to predict whether this trend will continue.

If exit talks continue for two years and leave potential sellers and buyers in the dark, then things may get worse, with people not sure whether they will be undercutting themselves. However, moving house can be a necessity for some people, and even if the market drops, there will still be a lot of houses being bought and sold every day.

Luckily, Brexit will not affect the infrastructure surrounding this, such as trustworthy estate agents, reliable and hardworking removal services, or painters and decorators, allowing you to move with confidence.

5 tips for moving home this summer

Moving home in the warmer months certainly has its advantages, not least the lack of school commitments or bad weather to pile on additional unwelcome hassle and stress. That said, there are certain disadvantages too, such as the higher prices that removal companies often charge at this time of year.

So, how can you ensure that such an important and sensitive operation as a house move goes well for you and your family during the summer months?

  1. Plan well in advance

It might be easy to presume that because it’s sunny and cloudless and everyone’s out and about and having fun, moving home is also fairly stress-free during the summer – but of course, this often couldn’t be further from the truth.

Removal companies can be expensive and difficult to find at short notice, you might forget important tasks associated with the move due to complacency, and you may find yourself wasting time during the day that adds yet more to your removal costs. It couldn’t be more important, then, to plan your use of every hour of the day of your move carefully and well ahead of time.

  1. Don’t simply hire the cheapest removal company

In so many areas of life, going for the cheapest option can be a very real false economy, and the situation is no different when it comes to removal firms. Does the company that you are choosing have a reputation for reliability? Are its staffers suitably trained? Is the business accredited?

These are all factors that you will need to concern yourself with as much as price. After all, you won’t want to be left in the lurch or let down by a bunch of cowboys who, yes, do sadly still exist in the modern removals industry!

  1. Pay attention to the children

While you may be relieved not to have to factor in the responsibility of driving the kids to and from school in the middle of a house move, your children being so free may also expose them to some of the stress that you feel over this crucial operation.

That’s why it is so vital to prepare your kids well for any drastic changes that the house move will bring for them – such as a switch to a new school and the associated need to make new friends – and present a continually positive front to them about the transition. You will need to keep them suitably entertained, too!

  1. Try not to move on a Friday or over the weekend

Everyone has the same idea about the right time to move home – do so from as early as possible on a weekend, and you can settle into your new home without any disruption to weekday working life. Alas, this ends up being a recipe for chaos, with the likes of removal firms, solicitors and estate agents all often extremely busy on a Friday as a result.

So, if you can, schedule your move for mid-week instead, not least as this will also save you a decent amount in fees and you can sort out any financial or paperwork issues at a time when offices are open. If you’ve got no choice but to move over a weekend, make sure you really do have everything fastidiously planned out, booked and arranged in advance.

  1. Be alert to unexpected weather changes

Sure, it may be the summer, but it’s still Britain, so you should keep a close eye on the weather forecast a few days before your big move and plan accordingly. If the forecast shows abysmal conditions, you might want to try to reschedule the move with your chosen removal company, or there may just be some light rain ahead that’ll force you to take extra care to keep boxes dry as you load them into the van.

In the event of sweltering heat being anticipated, meanwhile, you’ll want to get the family’s summer clothing ready, along with some nice, cold refreshments for everyone helping out with the move.

As you can see from the above list, there really is a lot to think about when you are overseeing a house move in the summer. Are you planning to move house in Oxford or wider Oxfordshire in the next few months? If so, you may wish to familiarise yourself with our highly rated removals service here at IRIS Removals & Storage.

Amazing Team

Dear Graham,

I hope that you are well.

We have finished unpacking and would be grateful if you could arrange someone to collect the remaining boxes from Long Crendon, aiming to get things organised within the house as soon as possible in view of imminent baby arrival!
I am out all day today but would be grateful if you could arrange collection in the next few days.
I also wanted to say that this is I think our 10th or 11th move in the last 14 years. It had the potential to be the most stressful in view of two young children and number three due any day now! However the team were amazing, both in the attention to detail when packing and their overall efficiency in moving and reconstructing our furniture. I can honestly say that packing and moving days have been the least stressful days since I started maternity leave!

I will definitely recommend you to friends when moving!

Best wishes,

Pack and move to Glasgow

Hi Graham,

We’d just like to express our thanks to everyone who helped with our move from Garsington to Glasgow last week. From our point of view, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly and we were so impressed with all the guys who were involved, both in Oxford and in Glasgow. Please pass on our thanks to them all. We’re really very grateful to you all for making our move go as smoothly as possible.

With thanks,

Morag Hutchinson